How important is it to your employees?

Really important, critical actually!

For those workplaces where flexi-time is important (within many state government agencies), staff expected the management of their flexi-time to be accurate and easy to reference. They know exactly what is owed to them and whether the right hours have been banked.

Is managing staff flexi-time a pain point for your HR and payroll department? If the answer is yes, our system can help by supporting the nuances of Australian state government agency award conditions.​​


Some of the features we support include the following:

  • Weekly time recording (contracted hours) – with paperless weekly approvals
  • Start/End times, break times with running totals (configurable start day of the week).
  • Flexi-time with period roll-over
  • Flexi-banked hours
  • Many configurable leave types (supporting flexi-time conditions)
  • Attribution lines for breakout of details
  • Running balances for real-time totals
  • Public holiday support
  • User dashboard
  • Manager dashboard for team management and approvals

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